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The kind of hats we sell in our shop

The Flat Cap
Commonly known as a 'Cheese Cutter' this flat cap can come in a variety of fabrics. The one shown is Irish Linen sizes 55 - 61 cm.
The Baker Boy Cap
This is an eight panelled cap. The one shown is in Irish Linen, is lightweight and perfect for the summer. Sizes 55 - 62 / Available in a variety of colours & materials (mainly seasonally stocked
Wax Cotton Hats
Wax Cotton hats are predominately rain hats, we sell these in different styles for different tastes.
The Fedora
A wide brimmed hat with a tapered crown, can come in a variety of materials but mainly wool or fur felt. The one shown is made from Panama straw. A style that can be worn with casual or smart dress. A wide brim gives greater sun protection.
The Trilby
A narrower brim to the Fedora but still with a tapered crown, it usually snaps up at the back and can come in a variety of materials. Can be worn with casual or smart dress.
The Mariner/Breton cap
A flat top cap with a peak and band. Popular with the seafaring population.
Comes in a Irish Linen/Cord or Wool fabric. Sizes S/M/L/XL
Head Wear - Weddings
Occasion Hats & Discs
Fascinators small & large for that special occasion.
Lady's Hats
We stock a variety of Hats for Lady's.
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