At the Edge of the Night by Friedo Lampe

At the Edge of the Night by Friedo Lampe


'Friedo Lampe has been banished from German Literary life, to the shadows, for too long.  We must make him better known.' Georged-Arthur Goldschmidt


'At the Edge of the Night appeared in 1933. I read it at the time with great interest, as German prose writers of such quality were rare even then.....And what struck us at the so beautiful and powerful has not paled, it has withstood: it proves itself with the best, and captivates and delights just as then.'  Herman Hesse


'Friedo Lampe wrote poetic prose, sentences full of melancholy, gentle yet robust, in stories which fron the first  workd exhibited an eerie thrill, even if nothing eerie actually happened in them.  They depicted an everyday world, but an everyday world seen through a magical lens....His body of work may not be extensive, but it is important, perfect, noble, and largely unexplored: a pleasure for the reader, a textbook for young writers which, I believe, should be numbered amoung the enduring works of German literature.' Wolfgang Koeppen

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