Mr Pusskins: A Pet's Tale : A Pet's Tale by Sam Lloyd


Meet the world's grumpiest, sassiest, most loveable cat . . .

Mr Pusskins! He's got cattitude. Mr Pusskins has an owner who adores him and wants to make his life utterly blissful. But Mr Pusskins doesn't want to play mouse games, he doesn't want snuggles and he certainly doesn't want cosy bedtime stories.

What Mr Pusskins wants is . . .

adventure! But, as he discovers, sometimes home is where the heart is (and maybe cuddles aren't so bad after all.)Mr Pusskins is a New York Times Bestselling character. Mr Pusskins won the Booktrust Early Years Award, and Mr Pusskins Best in Show won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize.

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