Murder Fest by Julie Wassmer

Murder Fest by Julie Wassmer


Discover the Whitstable Pearl mysteries: a combination of seafood, murder, and a multi-tasking heroine on the coast of Kent . . .

'As light as a Mary Berry Victoria sponge, this Middle-England romp is packed with vivid characters' Miles Mcweeney, IRISH INDEPENDENT 'All of the thrills without any of the gore' SUN 'Delectably fresh' DAILY MAIL 'Proves, yet again, she's mistress of her craft' JOHN MCGIE, author of White Highlands ____________________Pearl's detective agency takes a back seat as she prepares to offer a warm welcome to a group of special visitors. A local Arts Festival is being held to honour a cultural exchange visit from representatives of Borken - Whitstable's Twin Town in Germany. Yet very soon, personality clashes surface among the participants; local politicians try to use the festival for their own ends while others jostle for improved billing on the festival programme.

Tempers flare, old feuds re-surface and on the eve of the first event, a cryptic message - Murder Fest - is received by the local police. Before DCI Mike McGuire has a chance to investigate, the festival commences with an unscheduled event when a celebrated author is found brutally murdered . .

. Soon the only 'Arts' on display are dark ones, as Whitstable's celebration of local culture transforms into a real-life murder fest - offering Whitstable's Pearl Nolan another mystery to solve. ____________________Praise for Julie Wassmer's Whitstable Pearl mysteries:'This is a quality title, on a par with, for example, Simon Brett's Fethering mysteries...a very entertaining read' The Puzzle Doctor'The tang of sea air and shellfish is all-pervasive .

. . Inspired by the Golden Age crime writers, Wassmer gives us a delectably fresh take on a familiar format' Daily Mail'A tried-and-tested crime recipe with Whitstable flavours that makes for a Michelin-starred read' Daily Mail'My new favourite author in the genre' George Galloway'A wonderful way to explore Whitstable .