Reasons to be Cheerful by Nina Stibbe


Teenager Lizzie Vogel has a new job as a dental assistant. This is not as glamorous as it sounds. At least it means mostly getting away from her alcoholic, nymphomaniacal, novel-writing mother.

But, if Lizzie thinks being independent means sex with her boyfriend (he prefers bird-watching), strict boundaries (her boss keeps using her loo) or self-respect (surely only actual athletes get fungal foot infections?) she's still got a lot more growing up to do. 
Stibbe is one of the all time greats' Daisy Buchanan'  Stibbe is one of the great comic writers of our time' Irish Times 'Pitch perfect vintage comedy' Guardian'Lives up to its title' Sunday Times'Joyful. Stibbe's comedy probes what it means to become an adult' Daily Telegraph'The literary love child of Victoria Wood and Alan Bennett...this is pure laughing gas' Mail on Sunday'Loved it! I so love Lizzie.

She is brave and kind and funny and totally original . . .

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